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Fire Protection Products, Draught & Weather Seals, Acoustic Door Seals, Joinery & Glazing Seals and Conservatory Roof Seals.

Sash Window Seals : Joinery & Glazing Seals : Fire Hoods : Wall Box Liners : Intumescent Mastic : Intumescent Fire Grilles : Fire Door Seals : Fire Pillows : Pipe Wraps



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Trickle Vents Aquamac Seals Intumescent fire grilles for doors and walls Fire stopping for ventilation ducts Fire rated letterboxes Door Seals Intumescent pipe collars and wraps. Buy Online at the WIS Shop

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Where goods are described as intumescent fire protection products we mean that they have been independently tested and certified to the appropriate BS & EN standards to stop the spread of a fire for a specified period - for example 60mins.

Certain products also have BS/EN certified Acoustic and / or Energy Efficiency Ratings and CE labeling.

Each product data sheet shows the fire rating.

None of the products we sell contains asbestos.

SDS data available on request.


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Passive Fire Protection Products

Intumescent Fire & Smoke Seals
Fire Rated Glazing Seals, Tape & Channel
Fire & Acoustic Sealant (Intumescent Mastic)

Intumescent Pipe Collars & Wraps
Fire Pillows
Wall Box Inserts
Lighting Fire Hoods and Covers

Products are independently tested for performance and integrity to meet current regulations and codes of practice.

Draught, Weather & Acoustic Seals

We supply a range of weatherseals, draught excluders, weather bars and acoustic seals, including Schlegel and Raven seals.

Our range includes DDA access and automatic threshold seals, door and window perimeter seals, threshold plates and ramps, sweep action brush seals, self adhesive seals, finger protection guards.

Joinery & Glazing Seals

We stock joinery and glazing seals for use in timber windows and doors.

Our range includes compression, wiper and tubular seals, pvc parting beads & sliding sash perimeter seals, dry glazing gaskets and tapes, pvc waterbars, trickle vents, security glazing tape and vented aluminium glazing beads.

Conservatory Roof Glazing Products

Our conservatory roof glazing products are suitable for use on most types of timber, aluminium or upvc structures and can be used with single or double glazed units and with multi-wall polycarbonate sheeting.

The range consists of roof glazing bars, ridge systems, DGU anchoring profiles, hip and valley glazing seals plus decorative aluminium or upvc finials and crests.

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For a bigger range of fire protection products and Raven seals visit the Stormflame Central Shop.

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